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  Beautiful Handspun Glass Jewelry by Lokman Kursunlu! Made in Istanbul by Turkish glass artist Lokman Kursunlu, these colorful pieces really pull people from across the room. Lokmanís workmanship is incredible. We've visited his workshop in Istanbul, and every time, weíre blown away by the artistry and craftsmanship that go into each and every bead. People are always wanting to roll these in their fingers, especially the pendants, which are almost as fun to touch as they are to look at! So be warned, donít wear these unless youíre okay with people coming over to introduce themselves and admire your jewelry up close.  Evil eye bracelet with woven tassel and mixture of polished stones, glass beads, and silver beads. The "eye" bead has a unique antique look to it. A very nice piece!


  Turkey has so many special things to offer the world. Just one of those is its rich tradition of making beautiful and unique jewelry by hand. The Next Italian Charm Bracelets - Turkish Evil Eye Bracelets! Go anywhere in Turkey, and youíll see these evil eye beads. They hang over doorways, they hang from the rearview mirrors of cars, and they are almost always pinned to the sweaters of newborn babies.
Why are they so popular? The belief is when others look at you in envy of your good fortune, bad things are sure to follow. These beads ward off that bad fortune.

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