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  Natural Tiger Puka and Clam Chips a small colorful shell found on Pacific,  Hawaiian, beaches and strung in clusters to make these shark tooth necklaces. These shark tooth necklaces come in 18" length with a roll barrel clasp on sale for $14.99 Free shipping to the U.S. These necklaces are unique and in short supply. Click image to enlarge, Thank You

Gray Shells 18" Necklace NK 904

Brown and Gray shells
SP923 18" Necklace

Brown and white shells SP914 18" Necklace

Light Brown Shells 18" Necklace NK921

Small Gray Shells 18" Necklace NK933

Gray Shells 18" Necklace NK 902

NK 015 16" Necklace

White shells 18" Necklace Nk991




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